The Emerald


 It is like the "Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz,” glittering, vibrant and artificial. 

Is the world safe anymore? With consumers becoming the perfect plastic people?

The world was safe in the post WWII society as long as plastic came around. Today, the whole world is becoming plasticized. Moreover the consumers are becoming the perfect plastic people. It is not that the societies have always been free form this, but their opportunities were limited. Due to ?paucity? of mechanization and automation, the society then was closer to nature and the speed of life was within healthy limits (as perceived from today’s standpoint). Thus the society that believed in simplicity and environmentally friendly lifestyle are now constantly questioning what is natural and what is artificial today.

With this project I use the human body and the environment to showcase the problem of plasticity and materialism. For the new generation today, A house full of ornaments, a closet with hangers upon hangers, gives them a sense of power and security. It is like the "Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz,” glittering, vibrant and artificial. 




These photographs are an amalgamation of a fantasy world and  formalized portraits, inspired by artists like John Singer Sargent, and David La-Chappel.

The women gets all dressed up in elaborate gowns and expensive jewelry, to present their best sides of themselves. They are surrounded by an environment that is a beautiful chaos of plastic consumer goods. There is this idealization that we all have, of how a perfect domestic life is supposed to be. And of course it is not. Nothing is ever like that, but it’s this kind of fantasy world that we project and that we make happen somehow’


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